Mining Mode - PVP Yield Farming
In this game mode, players need to conquer and occupy a mining pool to mine $FINA. Players will be able to enter different types of mining pools depending on the highest hero grade on their team. If you successfully conquering a mine, you will automatically receive a 4 hour shield.
Higher levels of mines will generate more $FINA every minute.
No Stamina will be consumed if defeated in a battle when playing Mining Mode.

What can you earn in Mining mode?

  • $FINA tokens
You could stake FINA to boost your mining rate.
  • Win X times in the Mining Pool to claim daily task rewards


1. Use Scout to search for a mining point. [Read the Pool Hero Requirements to see which mining pool is available for you to enter]

2. A mining area has several mining points

When the pool is newly discovered by the player, the player needs to fight with the NPC monsters [Yellow one illustrated in the graphic below]. If the player wins the fight, they will be become the new owner of the pool to earn the token rewards coming out from the mining pool [Green one illustrated in the graphic below is owned by a player].
You can't attack the mining point that has a shield [Red one illustrated in the graphic below].

3. Click on the mining point that you want to conquer.

You could view the enemy's info, such as the enemy's occupation time and unharvested FINA

4. Conquering requires 4 heroes. After winning the fight, the attack team will be automatically staked to defense the pool. You will no longer be able to use them to attack other pools.

  • After successfully occupying the mine, you could click on your mine to review mine information
  • The mine will continuously produce FINA for you

5. Things you could do with your Mine

  • Use could Protect your Mine by adding a shield
When a shield is added to your mine, others could not attack your mine.
  • You could Harvest your Mine
You cannot harvest FINA if your occupation time is less than 3 hrs.
After 3 hours of occupying a mine, you could harvest it through < My Mining Pools> - <Harvest>
  • Retreat your heroes
You could retreat your heroes from the mine. <Retreat> will stop the production of FINA and the system will automatically harvest the FINA produced in the mine.
  1. 1.
    If the occupation time is less than 3 hours, you could only get 50% of the unharvested FINA
  2. 2.
    If the occupation time is more than 3 hours, you could get 100% of the unharvested FINA
  3. 3.
    If you withdraw any of the heroes in the defense team on-chain, the system will automatically perform <Retreat>

Pool hero requirements

Players will need to obtain at least a hero that met the grade requirement to be entitled to explore and occupy the pool.
Mine Type
Rarity to Enter
Amethyst Mine
1 hr
High Concentration Kyanite Mine
2 hr
Kyanite Mine
3 hr
Low Concentration Kyanite Mine
4 hr

Stake $FINA

To earn more $FINA, reinvest and stake your conquering pool with $FINA.
Mine Type
MAX Stack
Number of $FINA/Stack
Amethyst Mine
High Concentration Kyanite Mine
Kyanite Mine
Low Concentration Kyanite Mine
  • By staking $FINA in the yield farming pool, players could boost their yield farming rewards.
  • Shields can be used to help defend your pool. See Bag Items for more details.
However, the staking pool has capacity limits as the staking pool's maximum output is fixed. Once the limit is reached a player can continue to stake $FINA, but the expected income will decrease.

Other Information

The player will lose 10% of the unharvested FINA if the mine is conquered by another player.
The winning player will get 5% of the unharvested FINA. Another 5% will be allocated to the Arena Rank reward Pool.
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