Mining Pool - PVP Yield Farming
Players need to conquer and occupy a mining pool to mine $FINA. Players will be able to enter different types of mining pools depending on the highest hero grade on their team. Higher levels of mines will generate more $FINA every minute. If you successfully conquered a mine, you will have a guaranteed shield.
Stamina is not consumed for the first 6 attacks in mining pools.
Note: Mining Pool rewards are decreased weekly by 5% due to economic changes. the chart here might be inaccurate.

How to Play Mining Pool?

1. Press Mining in the Main Menu and Press Scout

Mining Pool Scout Chart

Hero Rarity Required to Enter
FINA Yield per Minute
Free Shield Duration
High Concentration Kyanite
Low Concentration Kyanite
Last updated: April 8, 2022 (Friday)

2. Choose an Available Mine Pool

Types of Mining Pool
[Mine Pool boxed in yellow] NPC-owned mine. No player has invaded this mine yet.
[Mine Pool boxed in Green] Conquerable Player Mine. Another player owns this mine.
[Mine Pool boxed in Red] Shielded Player Mine. You cannot attack a mine with a shield.
You can only fight NPC-owned mines and unshielded player mines to own a mining pool.

3. Click on the Mine Pool that you want to conquer.

You could view the enemy's info, such as the enemy's occupation time and unharvested FINA
Conquering requires 4 heroes. After winning the fight, the attack team will be automatically staked to defend the pool. You will no longer be able to use them to attack other pools.

Conquered Mining Pool

Below is the list of what you can do in your conquered Mine Pool.

Add Shield to your Mine Pool

Adding shields to your mine will let your mining pool yield FINA uninterrupted.
Go to <Protect> and then choose a Shield to use.
You can also buy 8H shields 5x a week. Price starts from .1 that increases per purchase.
When you first conquer a mine, you can stack only once on the autoshield an another shield from your bag.

Stake FINA

Staking FINA in the mining pool will increase FINA yield per minute.
# FINA per Stake
Yield Increase Per Stack
Total FINA required
60 (Max 3 Stacks)
High Concentration Kyanite
60 (Max of 2 Stacks)
60 (Max of 2 Stacks)
Low Concentration Kyanite
60 (Max of 2 Stack)
Here's a sample earning chart in the Mine Pool.
Maximum FINA Yield per Minute
24H FINA Yielded
0.0110499558 (3/3 Staked and 180 FINA Required)
15.9 FINA
High Concentration Kyanite
0.0050645244 (2/2 Staked and 120 FINA Required)
7.29 FINA
0.0034531692 (2/2 Staked and 120 FINA Required)
4.97 FINA
Low Concentration Kyanite
0.0018415488 (2/2 Staked and 120 FINA Required)
2.65 FINA
The mining pool's maximum output is fixed. Once the limit is reached, the player can stay on the mine but the income will be reduced. Retreat and invade an another mine to reset.

Harvest your Mine

You cannot harvest FINA if your occupation time is less than 3 hrs.
You will not lose your mine as you harvest FINA.

Retreat your Heroes

You can retreat your heroes from the mine. Retreating will stop the production of FINA and the system will automatically harvest the FINA produced in the mine.
  1. 1.
    If the occupation time is less than 3 hours, you could only get 50% of the unharvested FINA
  2. 2.
    If the occupation time is more than 3 hours, you could get 100% of the unharvested FINA
  3. 3.
    If you withdraw any of the heroes in the Mine Pool in the website, the server will automatically perform Retreat on your Mine Pool.

What happens if you lose your Mine?

The player will lose 10% of the unharvested FINA if the mine is conquered by another player.
The winning player will get 5% of the unharvested FINA.
The other 5% will be given to the Arena Rank Reward Pool.