Vrykos Tower - PVE

The Vrykos Tower game mode is Player-Versus-Environment (PVE) based. In the Vrykos Tower mode, players will be given random bounty quests to complete to get rewards. There are two versions: Regular and Emergency Vrykos Quests.
FINA is consumed to start bounty quests.
Bounty Quest entrance fee is non-refundable.

Layout of the Vrykos Tower

Information listed here can also be seen on the bottom left. The ❗ near the Assign Level
Assign Level: This reflects the amount of Bounty EXP you have earned. Higher assign levels increase chances to find higher ranked bounties for every refresh. If you've reached a certain Assign level, EXP will be reduced daily. If the current EXP is not enough within the current level, the level will be reduced.
Note: EXP reductions will stop when you do not reach the required Assign Level to trigger the EXP reduction.
Add a Quest Slot (Applies only on Regular VT) : Players initially starts with 1 quest slot. Costs $FINA to add an another quest slot that contains another bounty.
Refresh: Changes the current bounty lineup. Bounty ranks can range from G, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS being the strongest.
After choosing a bounty, this section will appear
Quest Bounty: Main rewards of the bounty.
Exploration Rewards: Bonus rewards of the bounty.
Success Rate: The drop rate of receiving the items on the bounty. It is calculated based on the assigned team attributes (Hero rarity, Hero Level, Elements, Factions) and rated bounty difficulty.
Every bounty has a unique time duration, entry fee and number of heroes needed.

How To Play Vrykos Tower?

Regular Vrykos Quests are available on the start on playing the game.
  1. 1.
    Press the Vrykos Tower underneath the Dashboard Hero.
2. Choose your preferred bounty quest and press Assign.
There's a limit of 10 Regular Vrykos Quests per account.
Refresh is unlimited. After hitting a certain amount of refreshes, a guaranteed S or higher bounty rank will appear.
3. Assign Heroes that you would like to send in the bounty.
You can add more Heroes to increase success rate when the quest requires less than 4 heroes.
3. Wait and claim the bounty after the required allotted time.
If you have failed the bounty, you will not receive any rewards.

Emergency Vrykos Quest

Emergency Vrykos Quests (also known as Vrykos V2) are special quests that triggers randomly as players play Defina regularly. Players need to defeat Vrykos in every area they go and take down the Boss Vrykos to complete the quest. In some quests, you may meet a trader with discounted valuables during the exploration.
Emergency Quests costs FINA to be accepted.

Activating Emergency Quests

There are multiple ways to activate Emergency Vrykos Quest. The fastest way to trigger is to spend FINA.
  1. 1.
    Spending FINA (ex. Game Shop, Auto-Mining, Rebirth, Resonance)
    Does not apply on the following: Refresh Quests on Regular Vrykos Quests, Mining Radar, Forging Shields.
  2. 2.
    Stamina-based Activities Example: Playing adventure, arena, and invading player-owned Mining Pool.
There will be a pop-out that states that the player have activated an emergency quest.
Sample of Emergency Vrykos Quests

Rules on Emergency VT Quests

  1. 1.
    The rarity of the Emergency Quests given to the player depends on the highest rarity that the player holds.
  2. 2.
    There is a limit on how many Emergency Vrykos Quests you can activate. It is calculated by the (Amount of Heroes in the Game Wallet) divided by 4. You can have as much Emergency Vrykos Quests unlike the regular Vrykos Quests. Ex. 16 Heroes give out 4 Emergency Vrykos Quests per day.
Emergency Vrykos Quests reset daily. The amount of Emergency Vrykos Quests relies on the heroes you have deposited on the day before. For new players, it will be the amount of heroes you have deposited before opening the game client.
3. The player has until the last minute (23:59 UTC) of the game's day to accept the emergency quest regardless when it was activated. Example: Player activates an emergency quest at 22:00 UTC. The player has less than 2 hours to accept the emergency quest.
4. After accepting the emergency quest, the player has 24 hours to complete the quest regardless of the game reset. Players will fail the quest when they have not finished within the time limit.
5. Players have to find and defeat the Vrykos that they face per area. There are special buffs and debuffs that are only available in these quests to help the player clear the area faster.
Vrykos drop varying loots from Buffs, FINA to Mystic Chests.
There's a special vendor you may meet when you are having problems dealing with Vrykos.