Rebirth Skill
Each skill has 6 possible variations of the same attack with the changes being targeting and/or damage. For example these are the options for Homer’s basic attack.
Eaxmple: She can either attack the front row or the back row with her basic attack and the damage will range from 70%-105%
Each hero has 6 options per skill and you could look at the whitepaper for your heroes to decide which targeting you would prefer.

Quick damage range break down:

Single target basic attacks/heals: 100%-150%
Single target skill attacks/heals: 200%-300%
Single target hyper attack/heals: 400%-600%
Targeting a row basic attack/heals: 70%-105%
Targeting a row skill attack/heals: 140%-210%
Targeting a row hyper attack/heals: 280%-420%
Targeting a column basic attack: 80%-120%
Targeting a column skill attack: 160%-240%
Targeting a column hyper attack: 320%-480%
Targeting all enemies skill attack: 111.7% - 167.2%
Targeting all enemies hyper attack: 223.4%-334.9%
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