Rebirthing: Stats
Credit to Mochuk
Each rarity has a specific number of stats for each level that is the same amongst all heroes in that rarity, meaning an S rarity level 10 Jeanne will have the same amount of stats available as an S rarity level 10 Mozart. Below I will go over an example and the math and then explain how rebirthing effects it.


With my Jeanne above, her stat pool is equal to 863. What this means is any time I rebirth, 863 will be redivided between those 4 stats. So if she was to be perfectly balanced she would have 25% of 863 distributed to each stat which would come out to roughly 216 for each stat.
**To figure out your stat pool you have to remove the passive bonus. In the example above her attack bonus is 21% and HP bonus is 10.5%. So I had to divide 217 by (21%+100%) or do 217/1.21 which makes my true attack bonus 179 or 20% of my stat pool. (HP is done in a similar way except you divide the number by 10 afterwards because hp has a 10:1 ratio)
The example above has a Jeanne that would be considered a low attack high health Jeanne because her stat distribution is Att: 20% HP: 28% Speed 27% Crit 25%

For a quick Review to know your stats lvel based on the range, you could check the stat pool sheet here:

General Tips for the Stats (Provided by Community Member: Mochuk)

This is created by our community member. You may have different stratgey and interprate the game mechanic differntly. Use it as a general guide to get started.
Unless you plan on spending a good amount of money doing rebirths I wouldn’t prioritize getting your stats perfect. There are some cases where you will want your speed and crit stat to be low so that your hp and attack can be high.
For the reason stated above I wouldn’t prioritize locking your stats when rebirthing, unless you have a very specific distribution you want to maintain and have a long term plan for your hero and build.
I will list some stat distributions that might be ideal and why below:
Tank Att:28%+ HP:28%+ Speed: 20%- Crit:25%+ The reason you would want high att and HP would be to draw the attacks of those who target highest atk. If you go this route you will want to make sure that your tank has the highest atk so they will draw the hits from heroes like Hercules. (You could also make sure they have the highest crit in order to draw the atks from that targeting aswell but it is less common)
Glass cannon Att:30%+ HP:20%- Speed: 20%+ Crit: 30%+ This will create a hero that can deal a lot of damage but would be a wild card. Due to the really low health they will draw attacks from heroes like Hasan who target the lowest health. You would have to build your team to have a hero with even lower health to draw attacks or hope to get lucky and that the hero can do a lot of damage before they get taken out.
Support Att:20%- HP:25%+ Speed: 30%+ Crit:25%+ This hero would ideally be an aoe hero trying to leverage specific elements to cause disruption examples of the desired elements would be:
Due to having high speed they will likely be able to get these effects off first potentially preventing a skill attack in the case of draining energy. Or stunning a hero for 2 turns in the case of the stun from high pressure.
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For a quick Review to know your stats lvel based on the range, you could check the stat pool sheet here:
General Tips for the Stats (Provided by Community Member: Mochuk)