Deployed Contracts
Defina NFT Contracts
    NFTMarket for BlindBox/Mystery box 0x590bb8e6a9F2E0423ae93b14d63F4a5786C4046D
    DefinaCard721 0xa318d9a2D6900A652FD0C9fea8c57a29b2a63709
    BlindBox/Mystery box 0xde52486aE60e820127F5c17cCFF06352B87144dD
    Defina Genesis NFT Card (Sold through TheForce Launchpad) 0x766709e2FA0C43352B6298c0605cAE3c84b77a49
Defina Token Contracts
    Defina Token 0x426c72701833fdDBdFc06c944737C6031645c708
    Defina-BUSD LP 0x6dB23b5360c9D2859fDcbf41c56494e7b8573649
TimeLock Contract
This contract is for Time-Locking Defina-BUSD LP tokens that we got when we first created the Defina-BUSD LP Pool on PancakeSwap. A total of 474,341 $Defina-BUSD LP were generated and fully locked on this contract for 12 months time from October 12, 2021.
    Contract Address 0x9190BE2aF07c2e59FE9e3eCf7836c4d370aeA84D
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