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There are three ways to strengthen heroes: Leveling up, Resonance and Rebirth. Resonance is a system that enables you to add elements to your hero's skill attacks, by swapping them from another hero.

Depending on the hero's skill attacks certain elements will provide an extra boost/buff/debuff. Please read the elements section for more details.

Use Resonance to add/swap an element:

You need to have two heroes to perform this action.

  • Primary hero: the hero that you want to enhance.

  • Secondary hero: the hero that you want to use to enhance the primary hero.

What is the result you will get after using alchemy?

  • You successfully replaced the primary hero's elements using the secondary hero's element.

  • The secondary hero's element will have an empty slot.


  1. Click Alchemy on the main menu and select the hero you want to use Resonance, then click on the Resonance button above the page.

2. Resonance Interface has two slots on the bottom left. Left slot is for the Primary hero that would inherit the skill element from the Secondary hero through Resonance. Right slot is for the Secondary hero that would transfer a skill element to the Primary hero through Resonance.

3. Through Resonance, you will select the element of the Secondary hero you want to replace with the Primary hero's element and click Resonance to complete the action. The cost of Resonance will be based on the amount of Resonance Layers, the more Layers you have, the more FINA it will cost. The cost will decrease when the layers decay.

Additional Information

Applicable Skill Types

Each hero has 4 skills: basic attack, skill attack, hyper skill and passive skill. When using Resonance, select an element of the skill to swap on corresponding skill type. For example, if selected element on basic attack of Secondary hero, after Resonance, it would switch onto the Primary hero’s basic attack, and Secondary hero would lose the element on basic attack.


Resonance consumes FINA according to main hero’s rarity, the higher rarity, the higher consumption. (X>SSS+>SSS>SS+>SS>S+>S>A>B) Resonance consumption is also affected by “Resonance layer”, higher layer will equal higher consumption.

Resonance layer

Hero Resonance leads to an additional Resonance layer which increases FINA for Resonance.

Resonance layer is at layer 0 initially, every Resonance would increase the layer by 1. Higher the layer, higher the FINA cost for Resonance. The maximum of Resonance layer is 5, after reaching it, you can still perform Resonance and the cost of FINA will not increase anymore, only the decay period would be reset.

Resonance layer will decay as the time goes: 1 layer decays every 14 days. If activating Resonance during this period, the decay time would be reset.

E.g. When performing Resonance, required FINA would increase accordingly from layer 1 to layer 5, after the layer 5, FINA will not increase and remain the same amount as layer 5's cost. If Resonance is not used after 14 days, the Resonance layer will decay from layer 5 to layer 4, required FINA would also decrease, and so on. On the other hand, if you activate Resonance within 14 days, Resonance layer would remain on layer 5 and the decay period would be reset back to 14 days

Refining does not burn NFTs

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