Hero Merge

Merge your heroes to increase their rarity and attributes.

Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here.

Note: Hero merge is only available on the official Defina website. Website: https://defina.finance/merge/

How to Merge:

Main Card: Card that will be improved. Supplement Card: Card that will be used to improve the Main Card.

Cards must be of the same rarity to be merged.

  1. Connect your wallet that contains your Defina Hero NFTs

  2. Add a Main Card and Supplement card to merge your heroes.

There are two possible outcomes when merging.

  1. Merge success: Main Card gets upgraded to the next rarity. Supplement Card is burned.

  2. Merge fail: Main Card does not get upgraded. Supplement Card does not get burned.

There are two different types of merging.

  1. Designate Merge: Main Hero will stay the same after a successful merge (e.g. SS+ Hugo will be SSS Hugo after a successful merge).

  2. Random Merge: You will receive a random hero after a successful merge (With the upgraded rarity).

Merging does not reset your Main Card Hero Levels, EXP and Star Map. It also does not absorb the levels, exp and star map of the supplement card. Note that you cannot merge heroes in the game client.

Each Hero has a base rarity. The base rarity indicates the possible outcome for random merge. The heroes you can get after a successful merge are all heroes who's base rarity is lower than the current rarity you are merging. For example Oda Nobunaga has the base rarity SS, you can only get her through a random merge if you do a S+ -> SS or higher merge. (You can also get all heroes that have a SS or lower base rarity).

All base rarities:

A: Zorro Erwin Schrödinger George Patton Akechi Mitsuhide S: Cleopatra Hattori Hanzo Jeanne d'Arc Robin Hood Queen of Sheba Hasan Hugo Nicolaus Copernicus Siegfried Beowulf Yi Sun-sin Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pythagoras Homer Florence Nightingale SS: Hohenheim Alexander the Great Frédéric Chopin Edison Alfred Nobel Oda Nobunaga Tesla Cervantes Hercules Hector Helen of Troy Paris Elizabeth Báthory SSS: Caesar Morgan le Fay Arthur Solomon Jack Dante Alighieri Zhaoyun Guanyu X: None

The distribution of random merge is equal to the amount of available heroes in the rarity. Example: a random SS+ successful merge has 1/32 chances to get a specific hero.

Your Defina NFT heroes should be on the V5 Contract (Gen 2) to merge your heroes. Reference: 0xf7bdeb93a980560ca0d9a7a164138d4ca1cdea34.

For V1-V3 Defina Hero NFTs, please reach out to us in our official social media channels.

For V4 Defina Hero NFTs, please mirror your new NFTs in the website: https://defina.finance/merge/

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