Guild War - PVP

Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here.
Guild Wars lasts for 4 weeks each season and is divided into 2 different stages. (All guilds above level 4 automatically participate in guild wars)

Guild War Stages

Stage one

In the first stage there will be 3 different battles. After winning all 3 battles the guild will continue to the next stage. Guilds that complete this stage receive rewards.

Stage two

The top 16 guilds that have the most points (from stage one) carry on to stage two. This stage is a tournament style knockout stage. 2 different guilds are matched and have to fight each other for strongholds. Guild members can create up to 5 different teams to use in this stage. (Note: Heroes used in a team can’t be assigned to a different team later.) These teams are used to conquer strongholds. A Stronghold has several defending teams which must be defeated before it is able to be conquered. After defeating all defending teams, guild members can station a team into the stronghold. As long as at least 1 team is defending a stronghold it is considered conquered by the corresponding guild. Note: A guild can only attack strongholds that are adjacent to already conquered strongholds (Except in “Counterattack” mode and through the Airship License Armament). All strongholds give points every 12 hours to the occupying guild. Different strongholds give different amounts of points. The guild with the most points at the end of this stage wins.


If one side occupies all strongholds, the other side will enter a 6 hour long “Counterattack” mode. In this period the guild will be able to attack any stronghold on the map. If the guild counterattacking can’t manage to conquer even one stronghold in this time the other guild will instantly win and get twice as many points for each stronghold.

The City

Both guilds start with a portal and can station teams there during the preparation phase. Once the battle phase begins you can attack locations that are adjacent (the airship license can allow you to attack any location). While attacking you can attack any team stationed at the location and once all teams are defeated the location becomes occupied by your guild. After conquering a location there is a brief protection period where the location can’t be attacked by the enemy guild. If a location is attacked by NPCs then there is a 10 minute period where the opposing guild cannot attack that location.

Team formations

Guild members can have up to 5 teams. Each formation has a bonus that corresponds to 1 of 5 elements (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water). Each team has an initial 50 action points. Once a hero is placed on a team it cannot change to another team during the war. Each formation grants a bonus that aligns with its element. The bonus is affected by the elements of the heroes in the formation.

Action Points

Attacking or defending require action points and the action points can be re-charged with $FINA. It requires 10 points to defend or attack a location. (During the protection period after conquering a location action points aren’t consumed until the protection period ends and only for the teams that remain in place after the period ends allowing you to coordinate with your guild more smoothly.)
If a challenge is successful the team will receive a “Victory Rush” blessing allowing them to continue to challenge other teams in the same location without consuming action points. If a location your guild occupies is conquered by the opponent once the protection period ends your guild will be in a counter-attack state which halves the action points used to attack.


When a team wins it will get a fatigue debuff which reduces the damage dealt and increases the damage taken for all heroes in the team. This debuff stacks with each victory. When the team fails all fatigue is removed. (Some armaments allow the removal of fatigue from a team.)


Here you can view all the top guilds for each season. You can also view the top players in your own guild.

Hall of Glory

The top 8 guilds of each season will enter the Hall of Glory where all guild members can “like” the guild once a day to receive extra rewards.