Phase 1

    Website, social channel (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium) set up✅
    Game mechanic development ✅
    Game economy development ✅
    MVP game development ✅
    Community events
    Seed and private equity raising

Phase 2

    Beta game release ✅ (Sep 2021)
    Community lead game background and hero story project starts ✅
    Launchpad with a third party platform ✅
    Website improvement
    The first batch of Hero NFT sales through TheForce.Trade ✅
    IDO through third-party platforms ✅
    Token generation event and dex listing ✅

Phase 3

    Marketplace launch ✅
    Offical game launch (IOS, Android, Mac and Windows supported)
    Staking pools launch
    The second batch of Hero NFT sale
    Game phase 2 development starts, adding weapons to the game
    Weapon NFT sale

Phase 4

    Ongoing game development and community events
    Governance proposal system set up
    Updating game mechanic based on community proposals and feedbacks
The above roadmap is a general guide of how the team is going to develop the project. It may be changed according to market and community feedback and conditions.
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