Getting Hero NFTs

To start playing Defina, each player will need a minimum of 4 unique Hero NFTs.
Example of 4 different heroes

There are two ways to obtain Hero NFTs:

1. Mystery Box Sale

A Mystery Box contains one random unminted hero NFT. You will mint a random Hero NFT when you open the mystery box. They are released on an event basis. Stay tuned on the announcements on our social medias for the next Mystery Box Sale.
Site for the Mystery Box Sale:
Mystery Box Minting Tutorial:

2. Secondary Marketplace

If you missed the Mystery Box Sale or prefer to choose your heroes on the get go, the secondary marketplace is your next option. Players can buy, sell and trade their mystery boxes or hero NFT cards on the open marketplace.
The marketplace supports players to buy and sell using FINA tokens.
More details about the marketplace can be found in the medium article below.
More information regarding Hero attributes and mint rates can be found here: