Stamina is required to enter into PVE matches. Each PVE battle will cost 1 stamina. Being defeated in PVE battles will not decrease your stamina.

The refresh rate of stamina will depend on your NFT hero cards held in your Defina Account. Your stamina will reset everyday at 00:00 UTC

  • 4–7 cards get 20 stamina

  • 8–16 cards get 40 stamina

  • 17 or more cards get 60 stamina

If you add more Hero NFTs that changes your stamina range when you have started the game for the day, the extra stamina will be reflected on the next day.

Please note that stamina does not stack and you will receive the certain amount of stamina based on the number of hero cards.

Extra stamina are purchasable using $FINA. They are unlimited. Price starts from .05 and increases per purchase up to 1 FINA per stamina potion.

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