🟢Athena's Aegis

Athena's Aegis is the Holy Shield of protection and preservation. Following the wisdom of the named goddess, this organization respects the sanctity of life. They believe that anyone who is worth saving needs to be protected while deplorable individuals deserve the cruelest punishment imaginable. Striking fear via defensive warfare is one of their core strategies; mimicking the martial insight of the goddess in the art of war.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and practical reason. She is the divine form of the heroic and martial ideal envied by the mortals. Her triumphs are caused by the possession of the Holy Shield, Aegis, which she wears when she engages in warfare. The Aegis is embedded with the Gorgon Medusa's head which is said to provide omnidirectional protection via the snake heads while at the same time, strikes freezing fear via the gorgon's eyes. The organization of Athena's Aegis plans to acquire the mythical shield, exploring any ruins that may contain clues of its whereabouts. They believe that its holy power is the answer to the Vrykos infestation.

[The Aegis can reflect any forms of light and can also shield against even the most scalding heat imaginable. The Divine Blaze can't make a single dent on the protection of the Holy Shield]

Faction Bonus

2 Athena's Aegis Heroes: Each hero receives a shield that absorbs damage up to 20% of their maximum HP, lasting until the end of the battle.

3 Athena's Aegis Heroes: Starting with the second round, the hero with the lowest HP at the beginning of the round receives a shield. This shield absorbs damage up to 10% of the hero's maximum HP and disappears at the end of the round.

One Hero from Each Faction Bonus: 5% damage reduction for all heroes

Athena's Aegis Heroes

A: Zorro

S: Cleopatra & Hattori Hanzo & Jeanne d'Arc & Robin Hood

SS: Alexander the Great & Frédéric Chopin & Hohenheim

SSS: Caesar & Morgan le Fay

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