Equipment is special gears to make your heroes stronger. You can equip your heroes with different gear types and sets to give them additional stats.

Equipment Types

  1. Weapon

  2. Armor

  3. Cloak

  4. Core

  5. Accessory

Equipment Rarity:

  1. Common set - green

  2. Elite set - Blue

  3. Epic Set - Purple

  4. Legendary set -Gold

Some Equipment sets grant stat boosts when the hero is equipped with a specific number of equipment of the same set.

For example:

  • When equipped with 2 items of the Bravery set, the hero gains 15% ATK;

  • When equipped with 4 items of the Bravery set, the hero gains 10% CRIT and 25% CRIT DMG if its HP is higher than 70%.


There are 13 different equipment sets. Each one gives you a different set bonus when equipping 2 or 4 of the same set on a hero.

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