Hero Basics

General Info about Heroes


Heroes of the same rarity will have the same sum of the first 4 attributes (ATK, HP, SPD, Critical Strike). The 5th attribute is the initial stamina, which will not change by Rebirth.

Main Element

Each hero has only one Main Element. See Element Bonuses for more information


Each hero has 4 skills, the types are: basic attack, skill attack, hyper skill and passive skill.

  • Basic attack: Hero uses when the energy is not full, and receives 30 energy after using it

  • Skill attack: Hero uses when the energy is full, it consumes 50 energy

  • Hyper skill: There is a chance that Skill attack can turn into a Hyper attack

  • Passive skill: Always active during battle for boosting attributes or passive effects


Generally all heroes start with 30 energy at the start of battle. The maximum energy a Hero can hold is 50.

  • Basic attack generates 30 energy

  • Skill attack consumes 50 energy.

  • Skill attack has 10% chances to turn into Hyper attack

Above information is a general guide. It does not take note of special bonuses such as Main elements nor Faction bonuses.

Skill Element

Every skill can have an element or be an empty slot.

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