How to get started playing?

Quick and easy summary

    Set up a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) compatible Wallet
    Purchase some $FINA (after token launch)
    Purchase your hero NFTs from marketplace or mystery box
    Battle and earn $FINA

Detailed instructions

1) BSC compatible wallet

Defina is played on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BNB is required for paying for gas fees, mint NFTs, and can also be used to purchase $FINA.
A BSC compatible wallet such as MetaMask will be required. A guide to install MetaMask as a browser extension is here below:

2) Purchase $FINA token

3) Mint or purchase your Hero NFTs

Please see heroes section to understand more about heroes

4) Battle and earn $FINA

Join PVP mining, PVP arena and PVE adventure mode to earn $FINA. Please read up on Play-to-Earn to learn more.
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