💡Adventure - PVE

Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here.

Adventure is Player-Versus-Environment (PVE) based. In the adventure mode, players will need to assemble a team of 4 heroes to fight computer-controlled mobs to unlock different chapters.

Stamina will be not be consumed if defeated in a battle when playing Adventure Mode.

Adventure Mode

Here's the following items you can earn if you win Adventure mode levels.

Guaranteed Drop: Hero EXP

Medium Drop Rate: EXP Potions

Low Drop Rate: Treasure Chest (Contains in game items)

There are no rewards for losing Adventure mode.

How to Play Adventure Mode

1. Press Adventure on the Main Menu

2. Choose An Area That You Have Unlocked.

Areas with 🔒 are locked. You cannot access until you finished the last level in the area.

3. Make Your Formation Before Starting A Battle.

Click at the Hero that you want to put on your team. Hold-Click to change your Hero's position. You can press the icons to know what they mean. Hold-Click to a hero in the Hero List to know more about them. You cannot place the same hero twice in one team. Save after placing heroes.

More information can be found here:

4. Press Fight to Battle!

You can check out the elements of the enemy mobs before fighting them. You can also view them while fighting them. You can skip the fight after 5 rounds. Skip Animation: Will not show Hyper Attack Animation Battle Speed: 1x or 2x

Quick Battle

If you've successfully completed the battle with 3 stars, you will be able to use the Quick Battle feature to skip the fight scene and claim rewards and earn EXP.

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