⚔️Battle Royale (In Concept Designing Stage)

Previously known as Squid Game Mode

The Battle Royale Mode is still in its concept design stage, all the below game mechanics may be changed based on future beta tests and player feedback.

Entry Requirements

  • Players need to hold a commander NFT (see the pictures below) or any Defina Hero NFT.

  • Players need to hold $FINA to enter the game and choose a combination of cards to play

Commander NFT

The Commander NFT is unlimited. It is the in-game RPG character in the squid game mode, players need to control the commander to walk on the map.


  1. Three games will be held every day, and there is no limit on the number of players registered in each game. (Depending on the number of players and the demand of this game mode, we may increase the frequency of this game mode in the future).

2. Different from Defina’s adventure mode, mining mode, tower and arena mode, players do not need to hold 4 different Defina hero NFTs to participate in the game. All participating players only need to hold a commander or hero card as an in-game RPG character 🔥

3. After the game starts, all players will get ten cards randomly and will need to spend a certain amount of $FINA to select and purchase their participating card group. During the card selection period, players can spend $FINA to shuffle the cards. At the same time, SSS, SS, S, A will have different prices in $FINA depending on the rarity. Players can freely decide how to spend $FINA for their card selection.

There will be a cap for all players, the cap will make sure no one will get 4 SSS heroes.

The total $FINA spent in this round will be allocated to the prize pool. X% will go to the final winner, Y% will be allocated to the development team, and Z% will go to the prize pool to reward the players who successfully entered the final round. [Subject to change, XYZ will be decided before launch].

4. After the player selects four heroes to form a team, this team will complete the task in all battles in the squid game mode.

5. The game is divided into 6 stages. The first 5 stages will allow players to fight in the form of boss battles, which will test the player’s position, DPS strength, recovery ability, survivability, and team cooperation.

6. After the fifth stage, the remaining X players will enter the final game. [X will be determined later]. Players will enter the Lost City map and control your movable avatar 😎 (commander/hero) to play the final ‘squid game’.

Here’s a sneak peek of our Lost City Map ⬇️ (click the hyperlink to view the whole map)

7. The final stage will take place on the Lost City map. The main objective for the players is to find loot in treasure chests and claim them by leaving the game through an evacuation point. And the last player who leaves the map through an evacuation point will win all the $FINA in the ultimate prize pool💰

8. Throughout the game, players will start the battle against each other when you meet them on the map 👀. And if you run into an AI BOSS, it will automatically start a fight as well. Players will use their own formation to fight each other and the BOSS.

9. If no player survives, it will determine that the game has failed. The game prize pool will be added to the next Squid game mode.

Evacuation point

As time goes by, 8 random evacuation points will appear on the map. The game time is 10 minutes in total. The evacuation points that appear on the map within 10 minutes will have the corresponding system prompts. Each evacuation point can only evacuate one player. The player can choose to leave the game at any evacuation point, though once a player successfully evacuates, the evacuation point immediately disappears.

Treasure Chest

There are treasure chests with various items. These treasure chests may have $FINA or various rare items/equipment that players could use in-game, and even NFT hero mystery boxes! 🤩 At the same time, some treasure chests may be traps that will add a debuff to your team.

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