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Get Mystic Chests via Mystic Points

Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here. Photos are currently not updated.

The Mystic Farm is currently paused. So the information in this section is not up-to-date and will be changed in the future.

The Mystic Farm feature allows players to earn Mystic Points. You need to stake a minimum amount of FINA to begin earning Mystic Points.

What are Mystic Points?

Mystic points are points that can make your purchase Mystic Chest or Mystic Shards. It is also an another cheap way to purchase Mystic Chests in the game.

What are Mystic Chests?

Mystic Chests are chests that contain a variety of items. They can be bought in the in-game marketplace or bought by using Mystic Points. You can get Mystery Boxes inside Mystic Chests.

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🎁Mystic Chests

How to start earning Mystic Points?

Step 1: Choose Mystic Farm in Main Menu

Step 2: Hire a Mining Machine to mine Mystic Points

Step 3: Select the amount of FINA you want to stake.

Players who will stake FINA will get Mystic Point rewards immediately. The Auto Mining Machine will also produce Mystic Points daily. Players need to log in daily to get their Mystic Point rewards in the Auto Mining Machine.

The minimum amount required to stake in auto-mining is 500 FINA and its stake increments.

You cannot stop the auto-mine feature when it starts mining.

Step 4: Redeeming Mystic Chests

There are two types of Mystic Chests available in the Mystic Farm Mode.

Discounted Mystic Chest: The number of purchases for the entire server is limited per day. It will refresh daily at 0 UTC.

Regular Mystic Chest: A regular priced Mystic Chest. Players can redeem unlimited times anytime.

Step 5: Open your Bag to Find Your Mystic Chest.

Use Mystic Shards to level up your Mystic Chest or you could open it right away.

[Optional] Level up your Mystic Chest!

Using Mystic Shards on your Mystic Chest will increase EXP (random multiplier of 2, 5, and 10) to your Chest.

There is also a rare chance to directly level up your chest using one Mystic Shard

Step 7: Open the Mystic Chest

The higher the level of the Mystic chest, the higher the drop rate of Mystery Box Fragment and Mystery Box drop. If you get the Mystery Box related item drop you will always get 2 items like the picture below, as the drop rate are counted separately.

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🎁Mystic Chests

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