What is a Hero?

Heroes are one of the main non-fungible tokens (NFT) that are acquired through minting mystery boxes or buying/trading them from the marketplace. All the heroes are BEP-721 compatible non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Hero Attributes

Each hero NFT will have the following attributes:、

  • Grade: X>SSS+>SSS>SS+>SS>S+>S>A>B

  • Experiences: Players could train their heroes and gain experiences to level up through adventure mode, the basic stats will proportionally grow as the hero levels up. Once the hero reaches the game max level cap, the additional exp gained will be turned into EXP Potions.

  • Basic stats (randomly generated): Basic attack, health (HP), speed, critical chance.

  • Initial skill meter energy is constant at 30.

  • Skills: every hero will have a unique basic attack, skill attack, hyper attack, and passive skills.

  • Elements: When the hero is minted, a randomized element will be defined. There are five elements in total: wind, water, fire, lightning, earth

Factions: Prometheus Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth's Book, Athena's Aegis

Hero Elements

Hero elements (Wind, Water, Fire, Lightning, and Earth) are important for Skill Attacks. Only when your hero's element matches the Skill Attack's elemental, the Skill Attack's full power can be unleashed.

Upgrade your hero at the Alchemy, by matching your hero element to your hero's Skill Attack for maximum effect.

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