FINA Token Recycling and Burn

1. Mystery Box Sales + Secondary Marketplace 3% Trading Fee

FINA tokens that are used in NFT-related sales such as mystery boxes and marketplace trading fees will be allocated as follows:

  • 60% — Game Rewards Pool (PVP Arena Rewards Pool, Guild Rewards Pool)

  • 30% — Operations, Marketing, Community Events, Liquidity Pool, Game Developments, B round Investments.

  • 10% — Burned

2. Purchased In-Game Items in Defina

All $FINA Tokens consumed in-game will be returned to the Rewards Pool. This means, the more you use stamina potions, breakthrough potions, rebirth crystals, you are helping the Defina economy thrive.

3. $FINA Processing and Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fee will be used to pay the transaction gas fees first. The remaining FINA will then be added to the game rewards pool. Take and give back to the community! Some percentage of the withdrawal fee/tax will be burned and sent to the black hole to deflate FINA in the long term.

Our GameFi and Metaverse journey has just begun. Everything is subject to change as our community grows and develops. The Defina team may reduce the token burning rate and increase development shares due to ever-increasing development costs coming from exciting new game modes, new Hero NFTs, QoL updates, server capacity upgrades and so much more.

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