Hero Fight Style

Every hero has a unique set of attacks. Each skill attack is made up of three components

  • Area of attack or Healing

    • The target's position is that this skill attack will inflict damage.

  • Damage or Healing

  • Elemental Boost

    • This depends on the element type (please see Elemental Boost section below)

Each hero will have a unique set of 3 skill attacks and 1 passive. Elements can be added/swapped onto attacks to buff these attacks.

Hyper Skill

Your heroes auto-attack depending on their energy gauge (maximum 70 energy).

During a battle, the below meters will be seen for each hero in your team. The energy gauge contains the mana required to unleash a Skill Attack / Hyper Skill. Each basic attack fills up your energy gauge.

Skill attacks has 10% chances to turn into Hyper attack. Skill/Hyper requires 50 energy to use.

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