Skill Attacks
Upon minting every hero has a unique set of attacks. Each skill attack is made up of three components
  • Area of attack/healing
    • The target's position is that this skill attack will inflict damage.
  • Damage / Healing
  • Elemental Boost
    • This depends on the element type (please see Elemental Boost section below)
The picture below shows that each hero will have four skill attacks. These attacks are unique to each hero and currently cannot be swapped, but elements can be added/swapped onto attacks to buff/ debuff these attacks.
Example: Morgan Le Fay, where she has all attacks with a buff, except Hyper Attack.
Example: For above Basic Attack will have elemental boost [Thunder] this means when HP is less than 50%, the critical strike chance increases by 20%.
For each of the elemental boosts please see the Main element tabs in the spreadsheet
Through Resonance, there is the chance to add/ swap secondary elements to your heroes.

Hero Skill Energy

Every hero will have a unique basic attack, skill attack, hyper/critical attack, and passive skills. Prior to entering the battle, position your heroes by taking into account their unique skill attacks and stats. Your hero will auto-attack depending on their skill attack meter (maximum 50 points), and their speed attribute will determine the order of attack.
During a battle, the below meters will be seen for each hero in your team. The skill attack meter contains the energy required to unleash a Skill Attack/ Hyper Skill.
Example of Skill meter at 30 energy points (left), and 50 energy points (max) right.
Heroes have 30 energy at the start of battle, maximum energy is 50 (could be affected by bond bonus or main element).
  • Basic attack receives 30 energy, could receive more under the effect of bond bonus or main element.
  • Skill attack consumes 50 energy, could consume more under the effect of bond bonus or main element.
  • Hyper Skill does not affect energy, it triggers after the hero consumes energy and launches Skill attack, instead of Skill attack, Hyper attack would be launched.
  • Skill attacks has 10% chances to turn into Hyper attack, the chances could be higher under the effect of bond bonus or main element.
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