Ouroboros is the Eternal Serpent of infinity and endless return. Its existence solidifies the beginning and end. The organization is founded on the belief that ‘One is All, and by it All, and for it All’. This means ‘if it does not contain All, then All is Nothing’. Containing everything constitutes to contradictions but despite being at odds with its essences, Ouroboros existed in unison nonetheless; akin to the yin and yang of the universe.

Representing the infinite nature of time, alchemists saw the Eternal Serpent as the ultimate obstacle for their pursuit of the Magnum Opus – to become immortal. By drawing the serpent around alchemic circles, they were able to create the prized Philosopher’s Stone. This stone is said to utilize the essences of Ouroboros. It can interact with the DNA and the cellular body via alchemizing Ruthenium and Platinum. And it can maximize anti-aging properties by manipulating Iridium and Rhodium.

The organization is currently searching for the remnants of the Philosopher’s Stone. Its members believe that this stone can rejuvenate all the cells of the Vrykos. Thereby, freeing the world from the clutches of the undead.

[The endless cycle within Ouroboros is unfathomable even by Thoth's Book]

Faction Bonus

2 Ouroboros Heroes : Ouroboros heroes increase their attack damage by 30% for each dead ally in their party. This ability will not count more than three dead allies.

3 Ouroboros Heroes: All heroes receive 30 energy when an ally dies.

One Hero from Each Faction Bonus: 5% damage reduction for all heroes

Ouroboros Heroes

A: Erwin Schrödinger

S: Hasan & Hugo & Nicolaus Coperincus & Queen of Sheba

SS: Alfred Nobel & Edison & Oda Nobunaga

SSS: Arthur & Solomon

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