Hero Awakening (Star Map)

Awaken your hero to unlock special power ups and stats boosts

Star Maps are special skill trees for your heroes which you can activate by awakening your hero. To awaken a hero you need special items called <Nebulite Particle>.

After your hero has been awakened a random Star Map will be assigned to them. There are different slots in a star map which you can activate to give your hero bonus effects.

Activate a Star Map

Awaken your hero and activate the Star Map using Nebulite Particles and FINA.

Star Map Slots

  1. Crystal Slots: You can equip a crystal slot with a crystal from your inventory. There are different types of crystals that will transform your physical damage to typed damage. For example a fire crystal will transform the physical damage of that hero to fire damage. Some crystals have a set effect.

  2. Gem Slots: You can equip a gem slot with a gem from your inventory. Gems will increase your Hero’s defense stat. Different gems can have different effects and set effects.

  3. Bonus Effects: Slots that can’t be equipped are bonus effects for your hero. You need small and huge Nebulite to activate those slots. Once activated you can refresh them for a new effect. Refreshing a slot also required small and huge Nebulite (depending on the slot).

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