Arena Mode - PVP Battles
Battle other players to win PVP arena matches, there will be multiple seasons. When you enter the arena for the first time, your Score will be 1,000. When entering a challenge, the system will match you with opponents with a similar Score. To be able to find a match, you need to assemble an attack and a defense team. The attack and defense team could use different heroes and positions based on the player's strategy.
Attack: When you are in the attack mode, you will need to manually search for matches. Stamina will be consumed when playing the attack.
No Stamina will be consumed if defeated in a battle when playing Arena Mode.
Defense: Your defense team will fight automatically with other players when you get matched up by the system. It won't consume your Stamina.
Heroes can be the same in the attack and defense lineup.
Example of Arena Mode
What can you earn in Arena mode?
  • $FINA token and f item drops


At the beginning of every season, your match score starts at 1000. Each match will result in
  • winning (increasing your match score)
  • losing (decreasing your match score)
In subsequent matches, the system will match rank you against opponents that are within a certain range of your score.

Season Matches

1: When you enter the arena for the first time, your Score will be 1,000.
2. Arena has a Leaderboard and Rank Reward Pool.
3. The Leaderboard will register the top 300 players with more than 1200 Scores, and the FINA accumulated in the Rank Reward Pool will be sent according to the ranking at the end of the season.
You could check the Top 300 Players on the website to see your opponent's formation here:
4: The source of FINA accumulated in the Rank Reward Pool is from two parts: the cumulative reward calculated according to the number of daily players; 5% of the unharvested FINA lost by the defeated players in the mining pool.
Each Season lasts 7 days.
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