🥇Arena Mode - PVP Battles

Fight in Arena to win $FINA. Showcase your NFT in the NFT rarity brackets.

Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here.

Battle and win against other players in Arena. Each Arena season last for a week and resets weekly. Stamina is not used in this mode but Arena Tickets. Arena has NFT rarity brackets so all players with various differing teams can join.

Arena prize pools have a base rewards and it increases as players invade player-owned mines successfully and 50% of the proceeds from the Arena tickets goes to the Arena Rewards Pool that corresponds to the Arena Level.

Arena Rules

When players enter the arena for the first time, your Arena Score (MMR) starts at 1,000. When entering a challenge, the system will match the player with opponents with a similar Arena Score. To be able to find a match, you need to assemble a team in the Arena level you will be entering.

You have 4 free challenges per day. Tickets will need to be used if you want to challenge more for the day.

You will not lose your free chances nor tickets when you lose a challenge.

Swipe to change Arena Level.


Players will be matched according to your Arena Score. Arena score is affected by winning or losing the match. Winning matches increases player's Arena Score while losing decreases player's Arena Score.

There are 4 brackets in Arena that matches NFT rarity rankings with its prize pools. SSS arena has the highest base prize pool while A arena has the lowest base prize pool.

It is possible that lower Arena levels can have a higher prize pool than higher Arena Levels if there are more players participating in the said Arena Level.

Arena Bracket System

  • X arena allows all Hero NFTs to participate.

  • SSS arena only allows A, S, S+, SS SS+, SSS Hero NFTs to participate.

  • SS arena only allows A, S, S+, SS rank Hero NFT to participate.

  • S arena only allows A, S rank Hero NFT to participate.

Arena Availability

  • X arena is always open.

  • SSS arena will be open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • SS arena is open every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • S arena is open every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Arena Season

Arena Leaderboard

  • There are 4 arena leaderboards corresponding to the 4 levels of the arena.

  • A minimum of Arena Rank 1200 is required to be shown on the leaderboards.

Website Link for the Leaderboard: https://defina.finance/leaderboard

Arena Rewards

Rewards will be given per player’s rank in the Leaderboards. You have the chance to participate and win in all brackets.

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