🟣Thoth's Book

Thoth's Book is considered the Tome of Knowledge of humanity. The affiliated organization thinks that understanding the knowledge within can endow the reader the power to enchant heaven and earth and the affinity with birds and beasts. The first page is said to bestow the ability to enchant the abyss, mountains, and seas while the second page can help understand the secrets of the stars and harness the power of constellations. More secrets are hidden within but only the first two pages were supposedly comprehended by humanity’s ancestors.

Thoth's was the deity of scribes. He was considered the heart and tongue of Ra and translated the sun god’s will into speech. His passions included writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, and art. His thirst of knowledge led him to amass different kinds of powers – be it technological or mystical. By harnessing his powers, he can influence the very fabric of the universe. He wrote all his knowledge on a book, aptly named for him. The Tome of Knowledge are missing some of its pages and are said to be hidden in various places of the world. The organization of Thoth's Book aims to recover all the missing pages. Its members believe that the tome can answer all the questions regarding the extermination of the Vrykos.

[Thoth's can harness powers similar to Brahma which can nullify the powers of Vishnu and Shiva]

Faction Bonus

2 Thoth's Book Heroes: One random Thoth book hero will have a 30% increased critical strike chance.

3 Thoth's Book Heroes: 15% increased critical strike chance for all heroes

One Hero from Each Faction Bonus: 5% damage reduction for all heroes

Thoth's Book Heroes

A: Akechi Mitsuhide

S: Homer & Florence Nightingale & Pythagoras

SS: Elizabeth Báthory & Hector & Helen of Troy & Paris

SSS: Guanyu & Zhaoyun

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