🟣Polygon Staking & Cross-chain

How to get $FINA in Polygon?

1. Cross $FINA from BSC to Polygon. Check the FAQ section of the Polygon Launch Magic Eden NFT Sale article for instructions. 2. Buy $FINA on SushiSwap using MATIC.

$FINA LP Staking Tutorial

  1. Go to Defina suishswap and connect your wallet. Make sure that your wallet is connected and the Polygon Mainnet is selected.

  1. Enter the amount of $FINA and $MATIC you want to deposit. Approve both, BentoBox and the $FINA token. After that you will be able to deposit. After adding liquidity, you will receive Sushi LP Token, also known as LP token. You will need that token in the next steps.

  2. Go to https://defina.finance/staking/ and select the polygon network. After that click on “Stake”.

  1. Approve your LP tokens first. After that you will be able to stake them.

Once staked, you will generate rewards over time.

To receive your rewards or withdraw your LP token, click on the withdraw tab, select the amount you want to withdraw, and click Withdraw All.

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