Assemble your team
Build a team of SUPER Heroes
Fighting battles is the main way to earn $FINA. Win by building the best Hero team NFTs, and strategising your battles. A battle team consists of 4 heroes chosen to attack or defend depending on the battle mode chosen. Please note that you will require 4 different heroes in a team, but duplicated heroes can be used in different teams if you own multiple teams.
Collect hero NFTs of the same faction or with the same elemental classes to increase combat power. See Faction and Elemental Bonuses for specifics.

Battle positions

There are six positions to place your hero NFTs to form a team. By selecting the position of your four heroes, you can optimise your team.
Positions available:
    3 positions front line
    3 positions back line
Tip: Position your heroes to match their skill attacks, and hero type to maximise you chances of winning

Battle mechanics

Every hero will have the unique basic attacks, and skill attacks. Prior to entering the battle, position your heroes taking into account their unique skill attacks, and stats. Your hero will auto attack depending on their skill attack meter (maximum 50 points), and their speed attribute will determine the order of attack.
If the skill attack meter is full:
    Skill Attack will be released
    Chance of Instant Kill with K.O. animation
    Power meter will drain by 50 points after attack
If the skill attack meter is not full:
    Basic attack
    Power meter will increment by 30 points after attack

Example of battle scenario with no bonuses or buffs / debuffs

For 1 hero:
Round 1: Basic attack, damage 100%, adds 30 points to skill attack meter
Round 2: Basic attack, damage 100%, adds 30 points to skill attack meter
Round 3: Skill attack, damage 200%, consumes 50 points from skill attack meter
Total damage in 3 rounds = 400%, Average damager per round = 133.333%
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