Guilds - PVP

Gather Heroes to Conquer and Defend the Stronghold
Disclaimer: This only covers fundamental aspects of the game mode. There are hidden aspects not stated here.
Guild War Dashboard


  • Town Hall
    • Here you can manage your guild like accept/kick guild members, change guild settings or change the guilds manifesto.
  • Guild Shop
    • Here you can buy items that you need for different game modes.
  • Guild Mission
    • Guild missions are special missions for random item rewards and guild exp. Guild members can pay certain items (required for the mission) to complete a mission.
  • Guild War
    • Gather guildmates and heroes to conquer and defend strongholds.
      Read Guild War - PVP to learn more.
There is a 24 hour cooldown when you leave or disband your guild to join or create a new guild.

Guild Shop

In guild shop you can buy items that are needed for other game modes and armaments used to buff your hero teams during Guild War.
Guild Shop
  • Armaments: Bonus items for guild wars
  • Origin Stone fragment and Nebulite Fragment: Needed for crystals/gems
  • Blueprint fragments: Needed for equipment
  • Nightmare Orb: This item is needed to start Nightmare City