⛳Guild War Armament

Use armaments to buff your hero teams during Guild War

There are 6 different armaments that can be used to get an advantage in guild wars. Players can buy armaments from the guild shop using Guild Contributions

  • Mist Scroll: Allows you to hide a stronghold from enemies preventing the opponents from viewing the formations stationed there.

  • Airship License: This allows you to attack any enemy stronghold for 30 minutes.

  • Guild Flag: Allows you to boost the stats of a defending team for 30 minutes.

  • Rallying Horn: Allows you to boost the stats of an attacking team for 30 minutes.

  • Victory Feast: Allows you to remove fatigue debuffs from all defending teams.

  • Airdrop Supplies: Clears fatigue debuffs from all non-defense teams.

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