🟡Prometheus' Fire

Prometheus' Fire, the Divine Blaze, represents the power of creation and progress. This organization believes in the notion that humanity serves as the vessel for the smouldering flames of life. These flames are life-giving but also carries the powers of destruction if not properly tamed. With proper usage, they can help trigger and speed up mankind's technological and civilizational advancements.

The Pandora's box was the punishment for Prometheus' theft of the Divine Blaze. This ancient artifact contains all of life's miseries which include greed, disease, hunger, war, envy, poverty, and death. The organization of Prometheus' Fire thinks that this box is currently opened; leaking out disastrous floods of misery in the form of the Vrykos. According to the ancient scriptures, the brightest flame, Sirius, can seal the dreaded artifact. This flame's sparks are scattered all across the world of the undead. The organization's goal is to obtain all these sparks and merge them into one, giving them the ability to cleanse the world and eradicate all Vrykos.

[The Divine Blaze manifested by Sirius can emit luminous light which can confuse and disorient even the greatest of snakes – Ouroboros. This confusion delays the cycle of eternity and thus weakens the power of the Eternal Serpent]

Faction Bonus

2 Prometheus' Fire Heroes: Increase all heroes maximum energy by 20

3 Prometheus' Fire Heroes: Skill or Hyper attack damage will be increased by 50% if there is additional 20 energy used.

One Hero from Each Faction Bonus: 5% damage reduction for all heroes

Prometheus' Fire Heroes

A: George Patton

S: Beowulf & Siegfried & Yi Sun-sin & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

SS: Cervantes & Hercules & Tesla

SSS: Dante Alighieri & Jack

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