Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please check out the letter below for a full response. We genuinely care about our community and would love the Harbingers to join us in this new Defina adventure.

Q: Where can I submit bug reports?

A: Here's the Bug Report Link. You can also access it at defina.finance/game

Q: I need specific help on my account! Who can I contact?

A: Please join our discord. Make a support ticket [ in #【📧】support ] detailing your problem. Do also submit the same report on the Bug Report Link. Please add your Commander number.

Q: Where can I buy $FINA?

A: $FINA is available for trading on Pancakeswap using contract address: 0x426c72701833fdDBdFc06c944737C6031645c708

Please note the correct $FINA Token contract address is 0x426c72701833fdDBdFc06c944737C6031645c708 and please be aware of scams!

Q: How many Hero NFTs do I need to start playing Defina?

A: You will need 4 different heroes to start playing Defina. We will be releasing a new game mode, Squid Game mode, in early 2022 that lowers the barrier to entry and players will only need 1 commander NFT or 1 hero NFT to play.

Q: What is Defina Hero NFT? Where can I buy Hero NFTs?

A: Hero NFTs are NFTs that will be used to play the game. Players need at least 4 Different Hero NFTs to play the game. Players can obtain NFT through official mystery box sales or players can buy/trade/transfer in the marketplace here: https://market.theforce.trade/market

Q: What is Defina Mystery Box?

A: Defina Mystery Box features 28 different heroes, each with unique background stories and skills, belonging to one of four factions; Prometheus' Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth's Book, or Athena's Aegis. Heroes are randomly generated, with different rarity, attributes, skills, and elements. The hero levels in descending class and rarity order are SSS, SS, S, and A. To start playing the Defina game, you will need at least four different heroes to form a team. When a Defina Mystery Box is opened using a small amount of BNB, this box is burned to create a Defina Hero NFT.

Q: What is Defina Genesis NFT?

A: Genesis NFT were NFTs that were sold in September. Utility includes 500 $FINA airdrop (50% at TGE, remaining 50% 1 month after TGE). Genesis NFT cannot be used to play the game.

Q: Who are our partners?

A: In no particular order, our amazing partners include:

Roseon Finance ($ROSN)

Roseon provides marketing, community support, token support, staking, 2x rewards programs, and advisory services. It is also a mobile yield aggregator that manages crypto + NFT's and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.

RioDefi ($RFuel)

The focus of this collaboration will revolve around DeFi NFTs protocols as well as gamified DeFi applications. Their vision is to accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance

OKEx Blockdream Ventures

OKEx Blockdream Ventures is committed to discovering and investing in the most cutting-edge product technology innovation blockchain projects, investing and supporting new projects in terms of capital and resources, helping the development of the industry, and promoting the progress of the underlying technology of the global blockchain industry.

Titans Ventures

An investment fund established a strategic partnership. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in social media market expansion and community growth.

TheForce.Trade ($FOC)

TheForce.Trade will be Defina’s official NFT Mystery Box sale platform and users will be able to claim their NFT Mystery Box through TheForce.Trade’s NFT platform.


They have hosted our Private sale and IGO!

Huobi Ventures

Defina will collaborate closely with Huobi Ecosystem to explore gamefi and metaverse development using NFTs and defi with blockchain technology to build an impactful Gamefi Metaverse project. Also, the Defina team is preparing to have cross-chain expansion for its long-term growth strategy.

The FAQ will be constantly updated based on popular questions in discord and from the community.

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