Give your hero a new start

There are three ways to strengthen heroes: Leveling up, Resonance and Rebirth. Rebirth will regenerate stats for the hero.

Rebirth requires certain amount of Rebirth Crystals and FINA, Rebirth Crystals can be bought with $FINA.

Rebirth will give a chance for the hero to potentially have new:

  • skill attacks

  • base stats (speed, health, critical hit, and damage)

  • elements

Please note that rebirth will not change your hero into another hero.


  1. Click Alchemy on the main menu. You need certain FINA in the wallet for Rebirth.

  1. Select the hero you want to Rebirth

  1. If you want to keep certain attributes such as stats, main element or skill element, you can lock it for Rebirth. By clicking the lock button next to the attribute to lock. The more attributes you lock, the more FINA it will cost for Rebirth. At most 2 of the attributes can be locked

  1. Click on the Rebirth button to purchase Rebirth Crystals and confirm to proceed. If you have enough Rebirth Crystals, your hero will be automatically rebirthed.

5. The Rebirth Crystal's cost will be based on the amount of Soul Fragments, the more Fragments you have, the more FINA it will cost. The cost will decrease when the Fragments decay. After purchasing you can click on Rebirth to complete the action.

Soul Fragment

Soul Fragment starts at 0 Fragment, every Rebirth would increase the Fragments by 1. The higher the Fragments, the higher the cost of FINA for Rebirth. The maximum for Soul Fragments is 6 Fragments, after reaching it 6 Fragments you can still perform Rebirth and the cost of FINA will not increase anymore, only the decay period would be reset.

1 Soul Fragment will decay every 7-days. If you activate Rebirth during this period, the decay time would be reset.

E.g. When performing Rebirth, required FINA would increase accordingly from Fragment 1 to 6th time, after 6th time, required FINA will not increase which remains the same amount as 6th time. If not perform Resonance after 7 days, the Resonance layer will decay from 6 fragments to 5 fragments, required FINA would also decrease, and so on. On the other hand, If perform Rebirth within 7 days, Resonance layer would remain on layer 6 and the decay period would be reset back to 7 days.

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