Adventure Mode - PVE
The adventure mode is Player-Versus-Environment (PVE) based. In the adventure mode, players will need to assemble a team to fight computer-controlled mobs to unlock different chapters.

No Stamina will be consumed if defeated in a battle when playing Adventure Mode.

What can you earn in Adventure mode?

  • EXP for heroes to level up
  • $FINA token
  • Treasure chest (low dropping rate and the treasure chests contains random items)
Losing the battle will not give you rewards and it still consumes 1 Stamina.
  • Win X times in adventure mode to complete the task for additional task rewards


1. Click formation to start forming your team for battles

2. Set up your Primary Team to play PVE. You need to use four different heroes.

3. Click and hold on to the hero list to view their stats and skills. (Learn about faction bonuses and hero skills to set up a strong team)

4. Click on the battle level to start a battle. A battle panel will pop up, you could click and hold on to the enemy to view its stats and skills. [Go back to formation to change your hero positioning or formation if needed]

If you've successfully completed the battle for 3 stars, you could use the Quick Battle feature to skip the fight scene and claim rewards and earn EXP.
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