Rebirth Skill Elements
Rebirthing: Skill Elements Along with skills being swapped as mentioned above there is also a chance to receive an element on each of your skills. These elements can be used with the resonance system to move to other heroes.
This is an important part of rebirth but should be the last thing to focus on when trying to rebirth to your desired rolls. The reason for this is you will want to make sure your desired skill elements aren’t on the character when trying to roll the desired skill rolls mentioned above. Once you have your desired skill rolls then you can move all the skill elements you want to the character with the resonance system and then lock skills for future rebirths if you desire.
General tips and notes for skill element rebirths:
When rolling for the skills you want it is a good idea to have a temp hero you can move desired skill elements to for later use so they are not lost while rolling your
You can look here for all the possible skill elements.
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