Battle Stamina
Stamina is the energy you require to enter into PVE and PVP matches. Each PVP (arena or mining), PVE battle will cost 1 stamina. Being defeated in PVE battles and PVP Arena Challenges will not decrease your stamina.
The refresh rate of stamina will depend on your NFT hero cards held in your Defina Account. Your stamina will reset everyday at 00:00 UTC
  • 4–7 cards get 20 stamina
  • 8–16 cards get 40 stamina
  • 17 or more cards get 60 stamina
Please note that stamina cannot be stacked and you will receive the certain amount of stamina based on the number of hero cards.
Extra stamina can be purchased 5 times a day using $FINA (cost will be updated upon launch of official game)
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