Bag (Inventory)
Boost your chances of earning FINA by using items
Here will you find consumable items that you can use to progress your journey in Defina. Below are the current list of items that can be acquired or dropped within the game.
All items here (except Mystic Chests) are all obtainable by opening Mystic Chests


Shields are consumables, that can be used to protect your mining pool in PVP mining mode. After you secure a mining pool, you may choose to activate a shield for protective cover. When the shield is activated, other teams cannot attack you for the duration of the shield.
Below is a list of shield types and how to obtain them:
Shield Protection Duration
How to Obtain
1 hour
Dropped through gameplay
4 hours
Completing daily missions
8 hours
Marketplace, Completing Weekly missions
24 hours
First kill of PVE boss

Rebirth Crystals

Rebirth Crystals are consumables that are used to refine heroes.
Rebirth requires certain amount of Rebirth Crystals and FINA, Rebirth Crystals can be obtained through PVE adventure mode or bought with FINA.
Example of Rebirth Crystal
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Experience Potions

Experience potions are consumables, that are used to upgrade your hero. Experience pointswill be automatically refunded via EXP potions once your hero's experience reaches the maximum level.
Left 'normal' experience potion provides 10exp, Right 'epic' experience potion provides 100exp

Soul Fragment Redemption

Soul Fragment Redemption are consumables that decrease your Hero's soul fragments. Go to the [Alchemy] -> Rebirth -> Soul Fragment [Redeem] to reduce your soul fragments.
They are obtainable starting at S Rank Vrykos Tower Missions.
Left: A and S SFR Right: SS SFR

Resonance Layer Redemption

Resonance Layer Redemption are consumables that decrease your Hero's Resonance Layer. Go to the [Alchemy] -> Resonance -> Resonance Layer [Redeem] to reduce your resonance layer.
They are obtainable starting at S Rank Vrykos Tower Missions.
Left: A and S SFR Right: SS SFR

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chests are time-locked consumables that are dropped while playing Adventure Mode. They contain a variety of items such as Rebirth Crystals, Breakthrough Potions, Stamina Potions, Shields. You have to wait a specific amount of days before the Treasure chest is unlocked. Higher time-locked chests contain rarer rewards.
They do not drop Mystery Box consumables and Name Change Card.
Left: 3-day Locked Treasure Chest Right: 5-day Locked Treasure Chest

Breakthrough Potions

Breakthrough potions are consumables that enables Hero NFTs to level up when they reach a certain threshold.
They are obtainable by opening Treasure Chest, Vrykos Tower Missions and buying in the Marketplace
Left: Breakthrough Potion I Middle: Breakthrough Potion III Right: Breakthrough Potion II
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Mystery Box Consumables

Mystery Box consumables are items that enables the player to receive a Mystery Box. You need 10 Mystery Box Fragments to have a Mystery Box Ticket. A Mystery Box Ticket will have to be claimed in the game and players will have to go to the official website to claim their Mystery Box on chain.
They are only obtainable via Mystic Chests.
Left: Mystery Box Fragment Right: Mystery Box Ticket

Stamina Potion

Stamina potions are consumables that increases a player's energy by 5 per potion.

Name Change Card

The Name Change Card is a consumable that allows players to change once their username. The userID cannot be modified.