Bag Items
Boost your chances of earning FINA by using items
Below are some in-game items that you can acquire to upgrade your heroes, and increase your chances of earning FINA.
To keep the price of items to a reasonable and stable price, the cost of items will be priced to a fixed USD rate, and the proportional FINA amount will be charged. This is FINA to USD rate is updated every 5mins to keep consistent with the market rate.


Shields are consumables, that can be used to protect your mining pool in PVP mining mode. After you secure a mining pool, you may chose to activate a shield for protective cover. When the shield is activated, other teams cannot attack you for the duration of the shield.
Below are a list of shield types and where to find them:
Shield Protection Duration
Where to obtain
1 hour
dropped through gameplay
4 hours
completing daily missions
8 hours
marketplace and completing weekly missions
24 hours
first kill of PVE boss

Alchemy cards

Alchemy cards are consumables, that are used to refine heroes. Every hero has a refining limit (maximum amount of times you can use Alchemy), once this limit is reached these cards can be used to further refine a hero.
These cards can only be obtained through completing missions.

Experience Potion

Experience potions are consumables, that are used to upgrade your hero. Experience potions will be automatically refined once your hero's experience reaches maximum for their respective level.
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