What is $FINA?
$FINA is BEP-20 governance and utility token for the Defina ecosystem. There are multiple use cases for $FINA and it plays a very important role in both gaming and community governance.

In-game currency:

    use to reward and incentive players to play the Defina game
    players could use $FINA to purchase in-game assets, such as heroes, weapons, and consumables
    use in the alchemy to enhance heroes
    use in the refining process to remint a new hero
    stake in the yield farming battle pools to boost farming rewards


The Defina team is planning to adopt a governance system to allow Defina Finance to become a decentralized autonomous organization. $FINA will be the governance token for the community to do proposal votings.
The Defina team will start with a centralized operation first, and gradually pivot to a decentralized project to ensure the project starts off strong.

Defi Rewards:

In order to increase the liquidity of $FINA on the decentralized exchange (DEX), a proportion of our reserved tokens will be rewarded to the liquidity providers.

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